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According to your given answers, your primary path towards happiness is driven by your pursuit for ‘position’ – or the pursuit of good social standing or status.

Despite what some naysayers may think today, the pursuit of ‘position’ in classical philosophy was most often held in high regard. It was considered praiseworthy and noble. That’s because the pursuit of position has at its heart, the want to be in a condition of fundamental ‘worthiness’.

Worthiness or the quality of deserving respect or attention – is an essential quality of a heroic soul. It is a great good. It is, as the more theologically minded noted, a condition of a ‘god’.

The challenge with this path on your way to becoming more effectively productive, comes from its inherent instability. There’s a specific kind of derailment that occurs as trying to reach a state of flourishing through this avenue alone

And the underlying cause for this is most often unseen.

So join me on a quick fast track call, and let’s consider what can be implemented so this pursuit can indeed lead to your best life.

How you can maximize your primary drive for worthiness and how to have this path lead you to being effectively productive.

Below on this page you’ll now find a form that asks you to enter the results of your self-assessment. Please fill this in now, and book in your free 20-minute Fast Track Call with us – either with me, or another one of our coaches.


To get you ready for this call, you’ll also receive a complimentary pass to see our feature documentary, The Great Aha. This movie is ordinarily available to purchase through our website, but with your booking, for the next three days, you’ll also have it freely available to view, as the film expands on the happiness concepts that we’ve just introduced here….

So complete this form now, and from here, you’ll then be taken to our calendar booking page, where you can select your best date and time. (Do note the time sections are in Sydney/ Melbourne time or the Australian Eastern Standard Time.)

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Well, that’s all for now and I hope to speak with you soon.

Take care.

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