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Thank you for your registration into Jonah’s Club – a club for the purpose of strengthening your best strengths – the very best habits that lead toward a happy and fulfilling life.

With this first step, you are now part of Jonah’s Club community.

Over the next few days, we will engage in a conversation, a transformational journey that shares with you, some of the world’s best thinking, on the subject of what does it mean to be human…

What does it mean to have a happy and fulfilling life?

These are super big questions, I realize. I don’t presume to know THE answers.

But we can together at least explore these questions and what some great thinkers in our history have proposed to be ‘reasonable answers’.

We will explore in fact, the three questions that philosopher Immanuel Kant defined as the three most important questions that we must ask ourselves in this life, if we are to be fully human.

That is,

  • What can we know in our lifetime?
    What shall we make of our learning, during our brief stay on Earth?
  • What can we do in light of what we know?
    What activities should we invest in with our time, as being the most worthwhile to pursue?
  • What can we hope for?
    What are the best values and aims that we can fulfill in this lifetime – what can realistically give us the greatest happiness, the greatest fulfillment, the greatest life meaning?

Kant made the case that if we don’t seriously and intentionally consider these questions, our lives will always feel “incomplete” and almost “not fully human”. For it is by thinking through these questions, for ourselves, that we can arrive at a state of “greater enlightenment”.

We at Jonah’s Club tend to agree with Immanuel Kant’s insight.

So we begin this transformational journey here with the first documentary presentation created for you, as part of the “Secret Meanings” series.

It is titled “The Right Question”, and it explores what I believe to be the most important question we need to ask ourselves, as we start on this journey.

Here we consider one of the great paradoxes of our times:

How is it that today, amidst history’s greatest levels of economic affluence, maximum social freedoms, and time spent in education – people plummet into ever-increasing levels of depression and confusion about who they are?

Even our intelligence is lowering, while we study more than ever before!

In the film below, we unravel this paradox. We explore the impact that our education has had on shaping our mind and how we see our world. This impacts directly what choices we make, what relationships we end up in, and what career paths we take.

So with that said – it’s good to have you here! 🙂

Let’s Begin…


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