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Jonah’s Club is a meaningful leadership mastermind that helps strengthen the core habits of a total leader, inside and out – so you can return to your calling, stronger.

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For Those Who Seek to Strengthen Their Best Leadership Strengths

Jonah’s Club is for IT Leaders – from CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, IT Directors, Managers, and so on – who come together to form a public realm, from where our best ideas and actions can be shared with one another.

This is a one-of-a-kind club for strengthening your highest potential as a unique thought leader. In the same way that a local gym strengthens physical muscles, we are a gym where we strengthen our best leadership strengths.

In Jonah’s Club we facilitate a space where we can escape the prison of being trapped inside our solitary, subjective experiences in front of a screen. It’s a place where we rediscover the meaningfulness of seeing and hearing others, and in being seen and heard by others.

Classical Wisdom Meets Cutting Edge Science

(a time tested method for elite leadership formation)

Throughout history, it was well understood that excellence requires a public space, where one could excel and find one’s best leadership voice.

This understanding is exemplified in the field of sports. The quality of athletic performance of each player is supercharged when one is involved in the World Cup, or while participating in the Olympics.

The fact that these athletic activities are seen by the public, these now attain a new level of excellence that’s not possible to do in private. It’s precisely why all athletic World Records are set in public contexts like these, and why no records are set, when they’re done outside of a peer and public network.

Excellence depends on the presence of others in the field of athletics, and it is exactly the same in the field of leadership. A public mastermind of likeminded leaders, (of peers like you), unleashes something in the human soul that’s not possible to achieve, while staying separated and solitary.


No Gimmicks. No Childishness. No ‘Idiocracy’.

(for those who had enough of shallow solutions)

To have a truly happy and successful life as a leader, prior to the 1960’s, it was often unanimously understood, that this required the cultivation of virtue (or excellence).

This was considered to be the most intelligent answer, for how one may live a life, where one could ‘have it all’ – i.e. how one may experience the fulness of life, that’s possible to have on Earth.

But today, we seem to have forgotten much of this…

For not so long ago, great leaders, sharpened their minds by thinking through the deep and meaningful issues of life. Today, most try to ‘hack their brains’, by playing online brain games that resemble a casino…

Great leaders once used to read great literature, philosophy, or science to achieve ‘mindfulness’. Today, many think that using adult ‘coloring books’ is the answer.

Is it any wonder that depression, anxiety, and personality disorders continue to rise, as IQ keeps getting lower?

At Jonah’s Club, we affirm the time-tested way to true leadership and life fulfillment – because life’s just too short for silliness.

Just Give It a Try.

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