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A Practical Leadership Mastermind,
That Integrates the Great Wisdom of Our History,
To Give You A Sure-Footed Roadmap for Greater Influence
& Greater Life Fulfillment.

Jonah’s Club is a one-of-a-kind leadership club that helps you to strengthen your best strengths
– your highest qualities of being – so you can live out your highest destiny…
the story of a life heroic. That is:

  • The Virtue of Wisdom (or Prudence)
  • The Virtue of Self-Control (or Temperance)
  • The Virtue of Courage (or Fortitude)
  • The Virtue of Justice
  • The Virtue of Hope
  • The Virtue of Faith
  • And the Virtue of Love (or Charity/ Agape)

To be part of it, get started with our Meaningfully Lead!, right now!

A Paradigm Shift In Adult Education

Both online and in your local area, we’re setting up clubs for how to make meaningful and measurable improvements in our personal strengths, as complete leaders. That is, leaders who work both on the inner self-leadership, as well making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Together and individually, we work through Jonah’s Club’s programs, to make habitual the great habits and virtues of the human soul.

We believe that it’s upon these rock-solid foundations, that we have the opportunity to make our lives what we would like them to be, and to actualize our fullest potential.

Because If We Hope For an Extraordinary Life,
We Have to Have an Extraordinary Education.
(Which We Never Received In Schools)

And this is what Jonah’s Club members seek to form.

Jonah’s Club Philosophy

Blending ancient wisdom
together with contemporary scientific know-how,
our aim is to fulfill the highest educational aim:

To actualize our most magnificent potentialities
as human beings.


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