Although we use these platforms for our paid marketing, we donโ€™t do really social media. ๐Ÿ™
We understand how it feels not being able to keep in touch with us, on your favorite platform.
But we would do you a great disservice, if we were to set the wisdom of the ages, amidst the frenzy of social media networks.
Placing the knowledge in there, as but another tidbit within the rumble of a marketplace, destroys an essential quality of our work.
Amidst the white noise of Facebook or Twitter feeds, it becomes that much more harder for you to focus and to recognize the subtle insights that ground real wisdom.
Amidst the voices of the crowd, it becomes that much more harder to hear the voice of your own soul.
Our want is to give you the best environment through which the message of cultivating a life of meaning, happiness and power comes through.
Itโ€™s why we encourage you to print out our materials whenever possible, to download files and store them offline, and best yet, to meet up with other people, live.
So for this purpose, to stay in contact with us, just register with your email via Meaningfully Lead! manifesto.
(You can unsubscribe to our messages whenever you wish of course.)
We thank you in kind for your understanding. ๐Ÿ™‚

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