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Jonah’s Club is a practical leadership philosophy club that helps strengthen the core habits of a total leader, inside and out – so you can return to your calling, stronger.

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For Creative Knowledge Workers Who Seek to Strengthen Our Total Leadership Strengths

Jonah’s Club is for creative knowledge workers – i.e. people who think for a living, and produce value with their ideas – encompassing a whole range of professions.
It is a one-of-a-kind club for strengthening one’s highest potential as thought leaders. That is, the synergy between our inner self-leadership, and the outer leadership of those we seek to influence. In the same way that your local gym strengthens your physical muscles, we are a gym where we strengthen our mental strengths.
We believe this is the most important strength training that we can ever do. That’s because the strengthening of these inner strengths profoundly benefits all aspects of our lives – i.e. from the personal health of our mind and body, to the health of our relationships, to the health of our career or vocation.

Classical Wisdom Meets Cutting Edge Science

(a time tested method for mental well being)

Jonah’s Clubs are here to train our minds, by making practical the wisdom of many of the greatest thinkers over the last 5000 years. That is, by having philosophical insights and principles, to be installed into our habits – via our pioneering methodology of the Four Faculties Framework, or Neuro-Tetra-Dynamics.
Together with a world-class team of coaches, inside these clubs we unpack the greatest ideas that you must know and live by ‘before you die’. Our aim being that we live out the very best life possible for us, right now. That we lead wherever we are.

No Gimmicks. No Childishness. No ‘Idiocracy’.

(for those who had enough of shallow solutions)

To have a truly happy and successful life as knowledge workers, the great men and women in history prior to the 1960’s, unanimously affirmed the cultivation of virtue as the most complete and perfect answer.
But today, most have forgotten this…
For not so long ago, the greats sharpened their minds, by thinking through the deep and meaningful issues of life. Today, most ‘hack their brains’, by playing online brain games that resemble a casino. Adults once used to read great literature, philosophy, or science to achieve mindfulness. Today, many think that using adult ‘coloring books’ is the answer.
Is it any wonder that depression, anxiety, and personality disorders continue to rise, as IQ keeps getting lower?
At Jonah’s Club, we affirm the time-tested way to true leadership and life fulfillment – because life’s just too short for silliness.

No Time? No Education? No Problem.

(for even the biggest of trees, began as tiny seeds)

Our aim is high-minded – to help you cultivate the great seven strengths of true mental well-being – but our approach is sensibly structured.
For our mental strength, just like our physical strength, increases gradually through a process of slow and steady adaptation. As such, we begin our journey by first getting in place the right daily habits, which can take as little as three minutes a day.
As for your education? Just remember that Einstein failed at maths when he was in school. Edison was also judged by his teachers to be ‘uncreative’…
We all have different starting points. Don’t listen to the ‘Nay-Sayers’. Our potential for greatness is marvelously adaptive for those who are willing to practice. Where there’s a will, there is a way.

Just Give It a Try.

(if you tried the rest, return to the classical best)

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